About us/Projects

A journey in the world of decency

Welcome aboard our Association Decent!

On our vessel, we are struggling to trim the mainsails in the direction of decency. As you know, the sea is often restless, the waves are whirling and the currents are averse, as if trying to take all boats to the land of indecency. Despite all these, we think that together we can save ourselves, fighting for the things that should truly guide our journey: self-respect, dignity, kindness and faith.

We want our crew to grow bigger, strong and united, so we are inviting you all… from the whole world, to pilot along with us this vessel of love and decency!

The Association Decent was created from the desire to remind that our beauty lies in decency, that courtesy means nobility and that elegance is what defines each and every one of us, as long as we stay decent. Within its programs, the Association aims to define decency as normality and to call attention to some of the true human values like benevolence, propriety, friendship. For this, it addresses to everyone through: conferences, interviews, photos and videos, books, translations, activities with children (foreign languages), construction of hospitals, sanatoria, churches, and schools – in remote areas, where mountaintops touch the sky and the children living in the village have to walk miles into freezing cold, snow, rain or heat, in search of education. Also, our Association supports charity cases, ill people, fellows who are in need, because we know that It is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20, 35). Our team loves people, delicacy and the courage to be decent!

We wish to discover together the power and the joy of good deeds, to share what we have and who we are. Let’s remember that we are never alone, that we can support each other, that the solutions are often within our reach and that we only have to choose them together. We may be small, but we can do big things! Let’s contribute to kind deeds, let’s make a tiny sacrifice for someone’s smile, and let’s not forget that a compassionate gesture can bring hope. Our involvement and efforts can be the very treatment that some people need. We think that being human and humanity are more important than prejudice and that bringing joy is actually a joy in itself. Also, we consider that we define ourselves through others, for we are people once we show love. Being there for the others mirrors our hearts and that is why we hope that in the core of these good deeds we would find the path back home, to our true values.

The patron saints of the Association Decent are Father Arsenie Boca and the Holy Martyrs Brancoveanu, to whom we pray for guidance.